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CRABCAKES CREATIVE is a full service catering company offering unique culinary experiences within the St. Louis community. Located in the historic Baraka building inside a kitchen which once sported a German bakery in the early 1900's, John and Cindy hand-craft each delicacy for your dining pleasure. Both John and Cindy are artists and musicians as well as acoomplished chefs, resulting in some of the most extravagantly beautiful and delicious foods in the metro area.

CRABCAKES CREATIVE doesn't just make delicious food! With a focus on health and nutrition, the creations from the "Crabcakes" are also good for you. (Have you ever heard of a catering company that refuses to own a deep-fryer?) Organic, eco-friendly, vegtarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, even kosher options are available.


JOHN BEGAN working for one of St. Louis' premiere gourmet caterers in 1998. He quickly fell into the role of "Crabcakateer", handmaking hundreds of thousands of crabcakes. This earned him the name of "Johnny Crabcakes", or "Lil johnny Crabcakes", which was later shortened to simply "Crabcakes". Cindy came on board with the same company in 1999, and was soon dubbed "Mrs. Crabcakes". In early spring of 2014, John and Cindy opened a restaurant in the Baraka building, named after little Magpie Panian: Corvid's Cafe.


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— Dietary Restrictions? —

we've got something delicious for you

Crabcakes Creative Gluten Free Solutions

We can make any of your favorite foods gluten free, including bread, pizza, cookies, cake, brownies, pasta, sauces and dressings, croutons, and pretty much anything you can dream up. And we can make it so good, you'll never feel badly about having to go gluten free :)

Crabcakes Creative Dairy Free Solutions

No lactose? No problem! You're probably used to simply living with a vague nostalgia for cheese, milk, or butter. You're probably just accustomed to a dull sense of envy for all the people in your life who can eat those things with reckless abandon. Crabcakes Creative will make your lactose-free dishes so delicious that, for a moment at least, you won't be longing for lactose.

Crabcakes Creative Vegegarian Solutions

C'mon, this one's almost too easy. A chef who can't cook without using animal products is like a painter who can only paint while wearing a beret. Absurd, to say the least.

Crabcakes Creative Vegan Solutions

Okay, vegan is a little more of a challenge, but certainly not one we will ever shrink from. We are regularly met with surprise customers who order one of our vegan dishes not realizing they are ordering vegan

Crabcakes Creative Kosher Solutions

Blintzes, latkes, Challah, any Jewish treat you crave, we can make it happen and we can make it kosher.

— Corvid's Cafe —

Come See Us At Our Restaurant

Open Monday - Saturday from 7am - 9pm

Weekly Brunch Buffet

every Sunday from 10am - 2pm

with our famous Creme Brulee French Toast

and pancake art by DANCAKES